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Our Success Story starts with Students

Who are we?

Founder & President

Yamuna Kashipathy
Ramesh Ramakrishna

CFO & Vice President

Yamuna has over 30 years of experience in teaching english internationally and locally. Has attained success in customizing solutions that suit each students in need. Beloved teacher, great mentor and proven entrepreneur.

Former Deputy Registrar of University of Mysore. His immense experience and accolades in management over the period of 30 years speak for itself. He is one of the best assets for any business. 

Rohan is the son-in-law who resides in Boston with wife and beautiful daughter. He brings enormous experience of EdTech industry to IECTC. He is responsible for the technology and operations management at IECTC.

Advisor/ Coordinator

Rohan Sridharamurthy
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